Sills and rails - Can these still be bought?


Can't find anywhere online. All previous threads are very old now, I did find one site but it linked to a 4 door sunny.

Still keeping both options open, re-shell or repair mine to high standard. The latter will be more costly but I retain my original chassis.
I will be keeping the car for a very long time.


Hey buddy, I got a replacement sill for mine from Nissan a year or so ago, from memory i think it was around £60 which I didn't think was too bad considering it fitted straight on with minimal hassle, if you can't get them from Nissan uk anymore you could always try erics performance parts in the states, just email them, they are normally pretty good.


the floor rails/arb mount can still be bought, the front section anyway, I paid About 30 a side, expect a 6 week wait.

Part Number: 75180 - 55C00 Drivers side
Part Number: 75181 - 55C00 passenger side

I have used outer sills from carz2, for the 4 door and found them to be quite good, the worst part about them is the way the front end caps are formed, obviously they are not a direct fit but can be modified. I used sections of the panel rather than the whole thing.

inner and middle sills I fabricated my own sections.

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When I ordered mine last year, only the passenger side outer sill was available from both inner and outer sills.