selling grey R (gutted)



all pics are in gallery (nellypayton)
selling due to wanting something a bit more practical but i dont want to sell will be gutted when its gone.

1991 H just shy of 64 k
pretty much standard running standard boost, @ 0.7bar
i will say it is a very clean example,
mongoose 2.5 inch de-cat exhaust system
blitz induction
standard top mount intercooler
oil changed 2 months ago with castrol magnitec 10-40 i think??
whiteline anti roll on rear
sweet after market alloys with good toyo proxys
baily dump valve
blue samco hosing
lowered suspension not sure how much as it was like this when bought.


no rust
the usual stone chips on the front and a bit of paint flaking off the bumper.
one slight dent on passenger door, someone kindly opened there car door on it in car park!!
other that that very good condition (washed every other day)


standard seats and seat belts
no rips or hard ware
GTI-R floor mats
sparco steering wheel
momo gear knob
full electrics and air con all working
it is very clean inside,

the missus dad is mechanic so some service history and receipts.

no test pilots genuine sale, £3250

car is now on auto trader with pics.


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yeah it is a bit guttin dont wanna sell but need to save a load of cash
for the weddin or should i keep the car lol.


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Keep the Car :lol: i wish i could keep mine which is not that much different spec to yours but i will be selling it about Feburary time because the mrs wants a new house :roll: i will get another one in a few years time though...unless she wants children aswell :doh:


i have sold mine now, i now i know what you mean by wishing you din't sell yours i miss it sooooooo much its like ive lost my legs, but when cash gets better i will be back with another hopefully nice n spiced, lol.