Seized Box? + Ancillary Belt Diagrams?


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Right I've got a M-Reg 94 pulsar.. my 4th R and to be honest, completely different from any other R i've EVER had.

I've done gearboxes about 6 times now on R's.. and none have had this setup, the top bell housing bolts are less accessible but I've taken them off.. the starter is bigger and way different from all the others I've taken out.. and I found 2 more brackets I've never seen before :shock:

WTF is going oN?.. are only M-Reg's phase two or something because my L-Reg was 1994 and didn't have this setup!

Anyways.. everything is unbolted.. including the prick bolts and bracket above the transfer.. the starter was unbolted and stuck in there so i got a long bar and tapped it out.. after a good 10-15 taps it slipped out.

The gearbox didn't seem to be cracking.. after about an hour last night i managed to get it about half a centimeter open.. today I've been on it for another hour and it's now about an inch open but it won't budge!

Anyone ever had this problem?.. it's as though I've missed a bolt but I've definitely taken them all off because I can run my hand all the way round.. the bottom has 1" clearance now between the box & engine.. the top about 1/4".. so yes it's uneven but when i raise the box to level it out it jus lifts the engine.. gaps remain the same

It seems as though either the spines are caught inside at a dodgy angle and that's why it's not budging.. any ideas?

I've got a ramp, 2 transmission stands and a younger brother at hand lol.

Every frikkin bolt on this car was torqued up to the max.. we had to remove the inlet to get to the bracket above the transfer, put a 14 stubby spanner on it from below like i normally do but it wouldn't budge..! - All the bolts are coming out really polished up gold/silver colored with no bits of grit/dirt in the threads.. as if they are brand new!

Any suggestions?


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Oh yeah.. anyone got a link to a ancillary diagram? I've got timing on my autodata but no ancillary.. google search was negative. Previous owner removed AC and used a weird 6 ribbed belt which is smaller.. so I've ordered 2 of the right sized 4 ribbed belts and got my AC kit coming soon.

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undo the clutch coverplate bolts,it sounds like the friction plate is seized on the splines of the main shaft. you may have a european spec car as the starter motor is differant on them (and many other bits)