Rota Grid-V 16" x ? Any Piccys on a pulsar

I'm looking at buying some rota grid-v's (in bronze) for my pulsar. It's currently running Evo 2 brakes (I believe) so unfortunately 15" won't fit. Anyone running rota grid-V on their car? What width/ offset suits the pulsar?
I have grids in 16x8 et20 on a 205/45. They stick out past the front arch and sit flush on the rear and they rub sometimes and they take the road some times, they look good but don't want the rubbing. I've now bought rota grid drifts in 16x7 instead of classics as there alittle concave like V's and going to use the 205's on them.
Have a look at the pics i've just put them on ebay 151998265147
they look the same as the pic you posted, wierd
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