rolling roading in birmingham?

hi guys! does anyone know where i can get my car tuned from? and put on a rolling road?, inside the west midlands! and how much it will cost etc, give me a shout!
appreciate it!


I went to Thor in kennilworth few weeks bk for setup and rr was ok .
Only reason I ruled out Weston was I'd heard they went into liquidation few months bk , had I known they were trading and the chap there knows his sr20s I'd have gone there.
ok guys! thanks for the advice, weston is like around the corner from me!

anybody have an idea of price? how much will it set me back?

what i want is basicaly a dyno run, and probably sum tuning, as in to make the car runn efficiently!

i have the smallest budget! :lol:

thanks again!


It cost me £350 to have my evo ecutek remapped at weston and have the actuator modded (260 to 335bhp) but i already had the licence but he spent about 6hrs on it til it was spot on, not just stuck a downloaded map onto it like some "tuners". I would say it should be about £70 for the dyno run and then a hourly rate on top but I had mine done 2 years ago...