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need to get the greddy profec set up again as i dont trust the settings from the previous owner so im looking for a RR to set this up properly and also a power run to see what its actually pulling , so anyone had any good dealings etc and what sort of price am i looking at for this to be carried out.


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Talk to Mr GTiR - he's organising a rolling-road day this month. It's probably a bit late to get a place on it if you wanted to compete, but at the least he can tell you where the road they're using is.

Edit: Here's the thread. - It's not RC Developments any more because they're bust (and with many unhappy customers if you believe the threads), fortunately they were able to move the RR to car planet in Warrington (whilst keeping the stock etc away from the bankrupt RC site... according to the threads).
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blackpool mate,

was looking at car planet on the rolling road index last night , would rather not go on a group thing as if its claiming 300bhp and doesnt make it il be pissed specially with lots of others there lol


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TDI North in warrington are pretty good. We had last year's RR day there.

I used to use John Noble Motorsport in Chesterfield too, there pretty good for what you want. Will prob be 1 or 2 hours on rollers so £70 - 140.

If your thinking that it isn't running at the stated power then it's wise to do a fault code check before you go. This way if you have got a faulty sensor or something you can fix it before you make a trip to a RR. I only say this as I wasted about £30 on fuel and a £70 bill to find out I had a faulty knock sensor.


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cheers andy will look into them as id like to be as close to home as pos (not one for big journeys). also what are they like for prices

snoon- the car needs its greddy profecB re set up as i dont have a clue about its settings as i had a piece of paper with settings on from the previous owner but he got them from a forum so not specifically for my car thats why i want to get it done as i have no true proof of its power just a dyno from ages ago and a few figures that have been tossed in the air from different ppl .


TEG sport is where i had mine dynod, the guy there knows his stuff. think i paid £50 for a couple of power runs, not sure. give them a call and see

fubar andy

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Steve Simpson @ TEG is the man you need. He'll also set-up your Greddy controller. Runs on the dyno are around £45-50.

His mobile is: 07836 635001 - give him a bell. He's a busy chap, so if he doesn't answer straight away give him a try later on ;)