Rolling Road Figures

Pete Watson

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I just had my 'R' on the rollers and although the car is totally different to drive i was a little disapointed with the figures it produced. It has been set to 1bar boost

273.5 bhp
236lbs ft

This is the current eng spec:

MD214 Turbo
Forge DV
Walbro 255 pump
3" Exhaust
Pipercross Induction Kit
Cold Air Feed
Magnecor CV85 Leads
NGK Platinum Plugs

I thought it would have showed closer to 300 bhp & 250-260lbs ft.

What do you guys think?

I still have to change the ECU, FPR & Inj's but i am starting to think my target of 380bhp / 300-320lbs ft is a long way off :(

Cheers Pete


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where did you get these fiq? perhaps try another dyno to compare the differences



I got 286 bhp with:

Iridium Plugs
1 bar
Uprated Leads
Blitz filter


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I think that you will see a big improvement once you get the ignition and fuelling re-mapped. Get a decent ecu and it will all change. That looks like the only thing missing from your parts list bar cams :wink:

Pete Watson

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I did think about another session elsewhere but i don't know of any close ones to Bristol, i have driven the car a few times this week and it seems to be quite quick, i wonder if out on the open road i am getting a bit more with the FMIC than it showed on the rollers.

Cheers Pete


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1 bar is a weird one, most people get above 270bhp. Depends where you go, Power engineering are supposed to give high results :? and places like power station low results. But saying that MattGTiR got 298bhp just 1 bar at powerstation. Forget power figures terminal speed at the Pod is best IMO for power output :)


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You'll probabaly need to run about 1.8-2bar to get 380bhp on that spec.I'm surprised your figures are that low,did they say if you had any fuelling problems?


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0.9 bar
K&N induction
Bleed Valve
Standard Tubby
Standard TMIC

264BHP at 5440rpm
260 ft/lbs at 5300rpm

This hasn't had an RR setup.

It is worth u doing so though as you seem a little down on figures for ur spec. There may be scope to play with your ignition timing - but this is best done by the pro's on an RR who can detect the first hints of det.

Also worth doing a quick compression test. £20 for the gauge from Halfords and 30 mins of your time (probably less as you have an FMIC).

As you say could be due to the ventilation of the IC. Did they have any fans or wind machines cooling your IC? Was it one of the recent 30+ deg C days in the UK? Both will affect the outcome. Try it again but chuck a bucket or 2 of iced water over the IC before and during the run :lol: :lol:

GeeTee 8)