Rev counter Q's



Mine isn't working 99% of the time. Occasionally it'll flicker into life then die almost straight away. Sometimes when it does spring into life it'll stay at a certain point and slowly move a little when the revs rise but not much. The rest of my dash works fine.

So, questions...

1) Where does the ECU get the rev counter info from ?
2) Is there an easy way to test the info the ECU is reading and sending to the clocks ?




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The ecu gets its info from the cam position sensor in the dizzy (it has no crank sensor) chance are if you have a rev counter fault it will either be the rev counter itself or the wiring from the ecu to the rev counter but the chances are it will be the rev counter itself thats faulty :wink: if you know someone with a spare instrument cluster the best and easiest way is just t swop them and see if it works.
There will be a way of actually checking the signal from the ecu to the rev counter but you may well need special equipment to do it as the signal maybe a duty cycle etc.