Rev counter and electric windows both stopped working


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The rev counter started jumping around all over the place today when I was out. It eventually stopped altogether. I tried closing the window but it wouldnt work either. When I got home I turned the car off and then on and it started jumping around again. Are the and rev counter interconnected somehow?

Could be that they are both independently goosed, but ti seems a long-shot.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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There's a fuse in the small fuse box in engine bay passenger side for the elec windows. Its a small breen square fuse.
Don't thing they are conected to the rev counter.


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Electric windows working again. Loose connection in the switch. The rev counter started working again, then stopped. Ill wait and see if it starts working again otherwise a new cluster.


Pop the cluster out and spray some wd40 on the white module unit. Might be dirt or a dry joint affecting it. Did this to mine 4 years ago and still working fine