rebuilding engine

andy gtir black

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i am just about to take my engine out again after rebuilding it as it is leaking oil from the timing chain cover is it possible to get a gasket for this or do u have too use instant gasket because iam not looking forward too using instant gasket then putting the engine back in and it still bloody leaks oil


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its instant gasket im afraid what did you use before? i have used sump sealant on mine the black stuff


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What a bugger..... hope you get it second time round.
Just make sure both faces are flat and nice n' clean.


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Think it was jamie that had a persistant leak from the front cover, it turned out to be cracked! So make sure you give it a good look over before refitting.


i always use toyota instant gasket, find it better than the nissan stuff and my local nissan are usless so hence trying toyota stuff in first place , but agess with odin no point cutting cornors especialy at that stage of the build, whats the point you have spent plenty on other parts so a little more wont hurt