rear diff question


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ok then so what r180 lsd unit can I get to work on the rear of the gti-r
Nismo if you can find one.

I'm sure another R180 could be made to work if you have the right engineering skills by the way I haven't lol, But I've thought about this myself and was discussing it with Danny, I'm sure you could get a hybrid drive shaft made up easily enough as long as the diff can be mounted OK.


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There is also two bolt pattern types of r180, I have been looking into this as a Subaru clutch type mechanical diff may fit the gtir case but I need to check ....will be a while before I get to this


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I would love to get something to work was also looking at the Subaru also ,is the nismo unit a bolt and go
Didnt anyone here picked up a brand new NISMO LSD that were being sold but a Candian forumer some time back?

Apparently they were fitted to Nissan Frontiers.