Puff of blue smoke


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Hi Guys,

Went out for a run today (to a ford meet @ Rotherham:yawn:) After being parked up for an hour or so i decided to go for some lunch.. whilst changing up gears 2nd -3 and 4 - 5th noticed a puff of blue smoke..:cry: car dosent use any oil or water.. any ideas what this could be. had driven up motorway to get there, could this be cos the engine had been hot b4 allowing some oil down valve seals / turbo?




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possibly turbo on its way out. check it by taking the intake pipe off and see if theres any play in the turbo or look for oil in the pipe and around the turbo
your car might not use any oil but blue smoke is oil being burnt and it doesnt take much oil to make a big puff of smoke


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Were you reving the guts out of it? Could it just be a bit of oil that made its way into your inlets?


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No, just changing up at about 3.5 k

not noticed it before.............

do you know what the standard garett turbo model is...... if i do have to replace, should i look at it being rerurbished or is there a better option for a pretty standard R?