Power FC commander

I have been offered a Power FC ECU off a mate for a good price. Thing is, it's off an S14a and so his car will have the vvt head and coil packs....I'm assuming this won't work on the pulsar (even if i switch to his coil packs)?
I have done a quick search and I know the Power FC's have to be vehicle specific but wasn't sure.
Anyone please clarify?

Does the Nistune ECU use a spark cut rev limmiter Ed?



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Isn't the commander reasonably generic and works with a range of PFC ECUs? - It might have more to do with the age/version of the ECU, and you need to get the commander of the same age to go with it.


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The Commander is fairly generic, the ECU is not. :) The Power FC ECU was never made by Apexi, it was Outlaw Engineering who modified Apexi Power FCs to work with the GTi-R if I have my facts straight. So that means you CAN make it work on an R, I just don´t know how.
I did mean the whole ecu mate rather than the commander sorry. Ah crap, so I may have to turn it down then if it won't work...