Oil Leak i think


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Took my R to town today pulled up then came back and saw a small amount of oil on road, it was fresh transmission oil, from the rear diff area, but i havent changed that yet, as fluid was clear. there is a bit of fluid on rear diff. Are there gasket on the rear diff. im gonna change fluid at weekend but would be nice to know if theres anythink to prevent the new oil leaking out.


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I've got a leak at the front of the car but not sure what it is, it must be gearbox oil as I'm not losing clutch/power steering/engine/brake fluids


gtirneil said:
I too have an oil leak from the front but its the crankshaft oil seal
Get it done then fella it's an easy fix :wink: , All you need is a 27mm socket and a big braker bar lol.

you have to be carefull when getting out the old seal though as there this thin metal shim/washer behind the seal :cry: , And if youe not carefull you can bend it getting the old seal out(good job I had a spare :oops: ) lol.

If you want a better how to do just pm me :wink: