Oil Leak crank seal (front) Advice needed!


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Hi guys, I currently have a pretty bad oil leak, i jet washed the car and drive it and can see its leaking from around the bottom pully so im guessing its the crank seal as theirs no oil from head! My question is firstly where can i get a seal? Im guessing only nissan? Cant find anything on ebay! And is the seal the same as the SR20DET out of a 200sx etc.... I no theirs a few differences but unsure if this is one of them.

Thanks Dan


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Try Eric's Performance Parts on eBay? They're in the US, but last time I looked were listing a crank seal for the 54c (as well as new pulleys). - I think it's a different part as the crank is different.

I'm sure someone who actually knows what they're talking about will correct me if that's wrong.

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Just buy one from Nissan, there not expensive!

Have you checked the price, it could save you time and effort messing about...


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trying to get one from nissan now to be honest mate, just awaiting on a call back, I wasnt sure if you could use the same seal as whats in a 200sx because they seem easier to get hold of.

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Check the condition of your pulley when you take it off. You can only use gtir seals as they are specific to the oil pump cover