oil filter relocation parts


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Ok so I am looking to get the parts together to make up a oil filter relocation kit.
parts on the list:

Remote filter head
take off plate
hose + fittings

Is there anything else I will need?
what is the oil filter thread size so I order the correct parts? is it 3/4UNF?


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Yeah I've got one fitted, its pretty good to be honest, everything fits ok and no leaks etc.

You have to make your own mounting for the cooler plate, and depending where you want to put it it can be hard work to run the pipes but thats about it



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don't skimp on important mods, look at Think Automotive web site all the parts you need are there.


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Deffo use Think Automotive, ask for a catalogue and have an idea what you need when you ring up (so you don't sound like a thick twat) and they will talk you through the part numbers etc.

Dead helpful and they don't sell shite.

Some of the cheap take off kits are very poor, pipe sizes too small, poor quality hoses and fittings etc etc.

You might pay a bit more but it's well worth it.


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I will have a word with them, I'd rather spend a little more on them.

is it 1/2BSP pipe/connections I need or bigger?