OEM parts wanted. Does anyone know a Japanese / Euro source?


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I'm looking for the following:


NS and OS door hinge mechanisms
NS and OS Window gears
Door seals inner and outer plus boot (basically all new rubbers)
Front and rear screen glass seals and boot rubber, bonnet rubber etc.
Sunroof seal


Decent condition dash
Clean door cards and rear quarter cards
Front seats if good condition
Uncut front bumper

I know some of these parts may be like hen's teeth and many have said you can find most of the parts new on eBay in terms of seals and gaskets but I'm not finding much at all under N14 parts when searching. If anyone has examples I'd be appreciative of pointers of where to look!



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Might want to try ICP (import car parts) they tend to stock a variety of GTi-R parts and what not. ebay should be giving up the goodies in my opinion. I got loads of gaskets and seals off ebay for my build. Not trying to sound condescending but, have you tried wording your searches differently? Sometimes i search / searched for Y10 sunny parts as it was more or less the same model. Just be sure to double check they'll fit though if you do strike gold. Ball joints and wishbones are not the same for example. I'd've thought gaskets and seals would be the same. but like said, doesn't hurt to check.

An uncut front bumper might be pushing your luck, but you never know. And i think i may have 1brand spanking new OEM Nissan door hinge somewhere if you're interested but you should be able to find most of what's on your list on ebay.

Hope that helps a little.


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I'm still hunting and have found a few bits. Thanks for the advice, I'll try to be a bit more creative with searches! Deffo interested in the door hinge, please PM me a price?