not starting


hi all i put a new starter motor on about three weeks ago as my car was starting intermitently. we trook the starter of tested it with a battery it wash knackered took it apart the bushes had gone. so bought new starter fitted it worked a treat. then yesterday drove car to shop turned it of then came back out turned key nothing. so automatically thought stater motor connection to the solenoid or the other connection so got up this mornming got the starter off and felt for loose connections tsted starter all fine working spoton. then fitted motor back on cleaned all connections still nothing so got a peice of wire from the battery staright to the solenoid and it turns over. so could it be the wire from battery to starter but was told i would not have any power to lights etc if this wire was broke so what else could it be i dont have an immobiliser either so i am really stuck.

just read a couple of threads could it be the starter realy if so any ideas where that is is it next to the fuses in the car cheers any help would be great
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could be the main wire but i doubt it! more than likely its the spade terminal to solenoid from ignition thats either making a bad connection or theres a breakage between ign and solenoid.
see if that wires getting 12v on crank, if not then theres your prob!