Ive looked into NOS a few times. Has anyone actually got a Direct Port Setup on a GTIR? Im sure AWD's is Single point in the plenum but i could be mistaken. It looks way to tight to fit Direct Port without some serious work.

and Rishi...

It works and its effective. It just runs out! cheating! ;) :D

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RishiGTiR said:
For 11sec 1/4miles you need to be in 4th...Rishi
Really!!:shock: :-D :-D :-D i never knew that!!:-D

i wouldn' t use it for first its just not worth it;-)

how come its ok to use wi without direct feed then?

cheating? lol read that as winning;)


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just found this.. Just spoke to Ed, and single point upto around 100bhp would be fine on the gtir. He has N20 on his micra and its mental lolol. If you'r serious dont touch any usa stuff, Won - UK (wizards of nos) is the best you can get, speak to ed if you want to know more :)

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im gonna mate definitely, i quite liked his setup..nice and simple.

Rishi: my type error i meant gear CHANGES:lol: :oops: :doh:


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another option with nos whick in my opinion is a safer way to go is an intercooler shot to lower the inlet temp, works wonders on hot days8)

Fusion Ed

May as well use CO2 for that. Nos is safe if its installed and used as its supposed to be. It just has this rather dangerous image to go with it mostly thanks to the crap systems from abroad.