Nissan Diagnostics on Windows and Android


I think it's time for me to buy a new tablet. :rolleyes:
Don't buy one just yet, if windows tablet with Bluetooth is your desire...

Having a little issue with latency on Windows tablet for Bluetooth.
Some of the sensors data appears a little slower than it should.
What I need to figure out is the ideal 'baud rate' for 3 different things. You don't get this problem on Android, not even an option as it just figures it all out for itself. Just like a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on Windows I was expecting it to work perfectly first time.

On paper it should be able to run as well as Bluetooth on Android. I'll figure it out in theory, just takes a bit more tinkering...


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Sorry for the delay chaps!
Quite simply life gets in the way sometimes...
Quick update is the new batch will be finished this week, watch this space :)


So 11 of the new batch were 'finished' last week, and another 10 are 90% complete... I took the 11 out for testing before completing any more and found none of them worked properly :(

Basically the bluetooth was not registering itself automatically, these things have automatic master and slave settings, master was needed but slave was defaulting... I had no idea this was a thing to consider until now...
Turned out I had to plugin then unplug the USB which would to send the signal to cancel the USB, thus setting the bluetooth to master, weird, anyway luckily I had simply missed 1 solder connection off each circuit, BASTARD!!!!, took them all apart, soldered it, they all work fine! woohoo! finally happy as I have been losing my mind the past week :)

One other slight dilemma but does not in any way effect the operation of the devices is the pre-moulded plastic 14 pin connectors have had bad quality control.
Some were slightly twisted and some of the pins slightly twisted. I have tried my best to either straighten the plastic, make some cuts in the plastic, straighten some pins and/or pull out some pins. Not ideal but again it does not change the way they work.
The supplier simply said well that's the way they leave the machine sometimes, they are cheap and you can easily stretch/bend them (dick head!).

The black plastic pre-moulds were roughly £1 + post and easy to solder, and the original grey plugs are $5 + post and you need to do each pin separately with a special tool which takes ages and costs more. I chose the black plugs to save time and keep costs down.

DSC_2007 by edward guest, on Flickr

DSC_2003 by edward guest, on Flickr

DSC_2004 by edward guest, on Flickr

DSC_2005 by edward guest, on Flickr

DSC_2006 by edward guest, on Flickr

As you can see some of the plugs don't look too pretty. But I stand by my statement that this does not effect the workings of the device, if anyone buys one and uses it properly and it develops a fault, I will be happy to take it back to fix it or refund it. I truely believe they are very sturdy.

If anyone wants one then please PM me with the following information and I will Paypal you a proper invoice:

-Real name
-Paypal email address
-Postage Address if different than on your Paypal system

All will be sent by royal mail signed for 1st class, or international signed for, thus all insured with proof of delivery/postage.

£55 delivered UK mainland, £65 delivered most other countries, check with me if unsure.

The bluetooth works perfect on Android. OTG Android USB possible too.
Note bluetooth is ropey on windows (depends on your computer) so the USB is sensible. Also because you can change live parameters with the windows software you want the stability of USB anyway. Windows 98, XP, 7, 8.1 & 10 tested fine.

I will send you the software drivers for all windows operating systems.
I will send you instructions and links to the free android and windows software.

This Racerender works in theory with the video and data you log on the android software - I have not tried it yet but will be when my car is moving, gearbox still in pieces :(
Looks cool!

Thanks for listening!




a few people have had confusion installing the windows usb drivers. main problem i think is plugging the box in before turning off the internet.

anyway - what ever the dilemma i've done a video to try and help. in theory if you can get to your 'device manager', then the priciples for install are the same on all versions of windows.



Hi Mate

I have forgotten what software I need for android for this
this is free -

if you like it then i can highly recommend the full version, £5 to remove the adverts and free up space for bigger custom dash/gauges -

I'm doing a track day on 9th July at Goodwood and so I'll do the video recording data logging functions, and try out the race render software, if that works good then this will be amazing! :)


Great news = RaceRender!

Brief drive logging data and video. Using my box, a Sony Z3 Android phone, Nissan Pulsar GTIR and Racerender software on a desktop computer.

Box was used to stream ecu data to the phone via bluetooth and android software. The phone was attached to the windscreen using a cheap phone mount (hence it is shaky), and was set to record video and data simultaneously.

Then the racerender software combines the data log and video file together afterwards on a computer.

Everything is fully customisable with amazing possibilities. The free race render software is limited to 3 minute video and has a fixed racerender logo top right.

However, the free software has massive potential. You can pick and choose from lots of different template designs. Change every detail of speedo, track map, rpm, throttle position, GPS location, etc, put the parameters anywhere on the screen, make them more/less transparent etc, as you can see I dumped a Nissanthology icon at the bottom.

I might pop out another day to lap a big roundabout late at night and see how the lap counter/timer works :)


Yes it would appear to have some tracks pre-loaded according to the users guide and you also appear to be able to manually set track start/finish locations. Unfortunately I have only used it once to make that video but there will be more to come...

Sadly I forgot to take my windscreen phone mount with me a few weeks ago when I went round Goodwood. Gutted as I would of been able to do it properly. But I did log my ecu data with no video, so I will create a few graphs and we can see how the various parameters relate to each other on track.


Still have them mate?

I want one!

Yes I do have a few left.

Please PM me your...
PayPal email address

I will send you a proper PayPal invoice. Once paid I usually post out within 48 hours. I'm away this weekend so the next day I could post would be Tuesday.
I will also send you instructions, software, drivers etc...

Any other questions etc just ask.

Many thanks!

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Got idle data from cold start below. Are all the values ok? Had a det sensor error code.

Box and software work great btw!

Data 1.jpg


Glad you like it :)

On first inspection I note the throttle v is 0.82v it should be 0.5v

Easy to adjust, there are two screws to release the throttle position sensor located below your intake plenum, then just twist it a little bit until 0.5 on the software.

Actually before doing anything you should wait until you get to full temperature, roughly 85-90 c assuming standard thermostat. Once at full temp post another picture.

Your idle is a bit high rpm in the picture but again you need to wait until full temp. I think 900rpm is text book but whether you will see that or not is another story. Mine hovers around 1000 after years of pissing around...

Have you replaced your det sensor? I've done mine a few years ago, bit of a pain in the arse...

Good luck with it all!

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