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are they easy to install Steve? i know the coil is but what about the 6a pack? did you use the supplied converter for the coil to distributor lead or did you get magnacor to make you one like i did before?

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christ! i can see why you dont want to go through that lot again!:lol:

cheers for that lol i' ll just get Ed to fit the bugger lol:-D
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Dooie Pop Pop said:
christ! i can see why you dont want to go through that lot again!:lol:

cheers for that i think i' lol just get Ed to fit the bugger lol:-D
Good thinking ;-)

Fusion Ed

Im looking forward to all this. Looks like a new era for rather high powerd R's!


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stevepudney said:

Like I said in another thread is the MSD Blaster ss coil will do the job but not quite as good as the MSD HVC Blaster coil

What you need really is one of

And one of
Its surprising how much those 2 items look like the Mallory equivalent of the Hyfire and E-core. I'm sure the 2 suppliers are seperated at birth. On the Mallory system, the E-core looks roughly the same as the HVC and is also recommended for the higher revving market. The SS coil equivalent is designed for the big V8 style of cars.

I saw a thread on this based on the Mallory...... found it:

Good read over a coffee etc, it filled in a few gaps for me.


Just to add my blaster ss coil packed in today and has only done about 5000miles if that:evil: I was getting a very slight miss under heavy load and thought that i should check my plugs, so i took the plugs out and they were fine so i thought why i have them out i would just check the compression [just for peace of mind:oops: ]and took the coil lead off and done the compression test and all was perfect:) Then i pluged the coil lead back on and no go,so after messing about a bit with the standard coil and another canister type coil,it turns out the blaster ss coil is dead:cry: but why it should die altogether just from when i was turning it over for the compression test is beyond me:? i just hope that it is what was causing my miss.
The blaster still lets out a bit of voltage as when i decided to hold the coil terminal and earth myself on the engine i still got a hell of a:shock::der: :lol: but its just not enuff to make a decent spark.
Think i may try the hvc coil next and hope that lasts a bit longer.
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