Misfire on Boost

vss irvine

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ive never had problems with blueprint parts, or go to nissan if you want to spend lots.

matt lewis racing on ebay will supply you blueprint parts, or youll get then at dingbro or tms if you have branches near you.

tell them its for a gti if they dont find your reg on the system.


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It will probably turn-out they're the same company. - If they've got the parts, and they didn't seem that pricey, chances are good.


I still need to look for the manifold blanks, can anyone point me to where they should be on the manifold?

red reading

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6 is a bit warm, for stock power use them, for up to 280bhp you want 7"s, for up to 400bhp 8"s and for over that and beyond 9"s


Shouldve changed then seperately so you knew what the problem was.
I was just being lazy taking the intercooler on and off twice was not on for what was meant to be a lazy Sunday afternoon (The beer the night before was good though!)