lightening con rods


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For example in one of previous cars I ended up fitting a heavier fly wheel than standard and it made it a much better car to drive on b-roads as once you were up and going it never dropped out of its some what meager power band.
What were the problems you were finding when you were running a light weight flywheel on the b-roads?
I cant see myself going heavier, Just make sure the standard one i install has been balanced.
So i should forget about lightening the rods and just have them balanced. the machine shop quoted me £113+VAT for a crank lighten and balance so i think i will just have that done for the hell of it.
Starting to get all the bits together now in a big pile just need to decide what pistions i get before i sort the rebore out. That will be a month or so due to monies.

vss irvine

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just make sure when you get the crank balanced you get them to do it with the flywheel and clutch fitted.

Mr B

Normal route is internally balanced so the flywheel/clutch crank pulley have no effect on engine balance and can be balanced separately. Advantage of this is flywheel/clutch can be refitted without indexing position & flywheel/clutch & crank pulleys can be replaced without effecting engine balance ... [FONT=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif].damper have no effect on engine balance and can be balanced separately[/FONT]