Leaking sunroof


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My car does not normally get left outside but for the last few days it's been sat on the drive :sad:

This morning i noticed that the sunroof was leaking and water was getting in somewhere and coming down via the switches.

Anyone have this problem and how did you fix it? Was it a simple case of replacing the sunroof rubber? Can this part still be purchased from Nissan and is it easy to replace?


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Andy, unless the seal around the roof is knackered check the drain pipes that go down the A and B pillars, if they're blocked then water will back up and spill over into the car.


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:doh: yeah :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

naa, you might be able to see the pipes once the roof is retracted, can't remember if you can cos it's a long time since i looked at a sunny roof!

If you can you should be able to blow then clear with your airline but be careful you don't blow the pipe off the roof!!!


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this happened to me last year, my passenger footwell had an inch of water in it at one stage :doh: :lol: :lol:

if you pull the trims off either sides of the windscreen you will be able to see the small (prob 10mm) pipe that runs up to each front corner of the sunroof gutter. you don't have to remove the headlining, you can get to it if you pull the rubber trim from the door aperture and just pull back the headlining slightly

if you do follow the pipes up to the sunroof it's a good idea to wrap a small cable tie round the pipe joint to make sure this doesn't happen again.