Knock sensor which way?

Just a quick one, i remember reading somewhere that the knock sensor has to be mounted the right way, ie the connection at like 3 o`clock or something?

Already sat for half an hour searching through posts to no avail.

Any one any info, just about to fire engine back into car and dont to be messing about with it once its in the car. :)



because if you fit it at 12o/c it retards the timing by 3 degrees if 6o/c then timing will be advanced by 3 degrees which will mean you will get there earlier even though the timing will be later, but sometimes its better to be late than early or you may have a serious accident! thats why i always fit them at 3o/c as its the best time of day to do so:)
I still havent fit my new sensor yet as every time i try i just can't get to it. But i have noticed that the sensor allready on there has the wiring at 6 o'clock which is strange :s


hi was speaking to a guy who owned a pulsar a few years ago, he said he had problems with the det sensor, and ended up wiring one of the wires from the ecu to det sensor, to earth through a resistor to earth and the car ran fin without the det sensor, does this seem possible,?
Yes but if your car does start knocking the ecu won't know and it may damage your engine. I would have thought that was a dangerous solution?
When i fit my new sensor chaps..... do i mount it at 3 o'clock then?


yes its normally 3o/c because thats the clearest route for the wiring and connector but it does not really matter as it can go anyway you want it to as long as the wiring doesnt snag.

and yes if you bypass it you are at risk of engine damage if the cars detting as it will not retard the ignition which is basically what it does when excessive knock is detected