japfest 09



the grey one went up in a cloud of smoke when one of the track sessions came to a hault after the evo spun out .hope it's not to expensive to repair.

The grey one was out in the same session as me which as far as the day goes proved to be the session from hell!!!! Rain dry Rain dry lots of rain dry evo crash pulsar blow MORE RAIN!!!! Oh how I wished for 4wd again!!! Sayin that tho, for my first time out on track in the 15 it was awsome...apart from just as we were getting into the swing of things the session got stopped.. boo.. I also got overtaken by that orange S15 but then mine is still very stock in comparison, awsome car!

I though it was a good day, shame there wasnt more Rs out there but good to see Mark still spankin about in his :thumbsup: