insperation on colour

pulsar kid

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hi guys went and saw my local body shop and was quoted good price for a repaint,

now my choice either restore in black which im not sure or -
white or ivory white
car is stripped and caged inside
your thoughts guys
carbon bonnet and spoiler already here for it

Fast Guy

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Just leave it black or (IMO) it'll look daft when you open the bonnet and reveal all that black.

Empty Pockets

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I'm not a fan of differentt colour body panels at all, but each to their own mate. If i was having it done i'd go gunmetal grey with dark wheels.


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I'm just having mine done Jet black because I think the standard black is a bit wishy washy.
If your going white really you have to get the inside painted and under bonnet or as fast guy says it will look half a job.
i think in black there subtle and white there lairy.


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As the owner of a genuine Ivory shell, I'd prefer to see less people paint a black car the same colour since it makes them more common. :lol:

pulsar kid

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Spoke to body shop, it's going white,
inside doors, the boot, shuts the lot now as of the bay the engine comes out in the winter so be fine then ,