How to: Fitting Front Modena LSD


Finally got around to installing this. Here are a few pics and a short write up.

First, get your car in the air (duh). From the top of my head take these off:

32 mm axle nut
Ball joint (or strut clevis bolts)
Hammer Axles from hub
Pry Axles from trans
12mm bolts and two nuts from around the outside of transfer case on drivers side
Wedge between middle plate and drivers side plate to separate it (ONLY REMOVE DRIVERS SIDE PLATE!!)
Pry front diff w/ bearing from the plate you just removed (KEEP the SHIMS!!!)
Take out plate
Slide out front diff with driveshaft tube
Pull Driveshaft tube out of front diff (has c clip will need hammer)
Use bearing puller to remove bearing from old diff
Press bearing onto modena
Make sure you have the right number of c clips inside the modena (don't double up, or not put one at all)
Install driveshaft tube onto Modena
RTV gasket onto tranfer plate
Install reverse of removal
Fill with regular gl-5 as recommended by nissan or whatever your favourite gear oil is


WOW! from the second you drive the car you can feel that front diff working. The car just wants to track straight as an arrow. As soon as you let go of the wheel it just snaps back to centre. As a result it has slightly heavier steering feel, but nothing that isn't manageable. Other than that, nothing really different while driving normally.
When attacking the corners, You can really point the car and gas it. Front end just grips. I can already feel less understeer as the front end isn't washing out under power. I did a launch in the wet with the wheels turned agressively and the tires didn't even spin. The car hooked and turned so hard that I actually lost my grip on the wheel. I have two autocross events this weekend So I will let everyone know how it goes!