How to fit a mesh grill with logo to standard front bumper




Difficulty: Easy Time: 1 hr 30 min

You will need:

Sheet of 6mm x 6mm mesh (available from Homebase etc.. )

Tape measure
Wire cutters or Tin snips

Flat head / Philips screwdrivers
Drill with 2mm bit
Can of Spray paint
Can of clear lacquer
Logo of your choice
Double sided tape
6 small self - taping screws

How to:

1. Measure and cut out a 75.5cm x 25cm rectangle from the mesh.

2. Remove the number plate and check the mesh fit for height and length.

3. Holding the mesh in place, mark out the corners and number plate holes with a pen

4. Remove mesh and cut out n/plate holes and corners, then recheck for fit.

5. Take the logo of your choice and using double-sided tape stick the logo onto the mesh.

I used a Gti-R template that I made on the computer.

You could even download images off the net and use those.

6. Spray the mesh with 3 or 4 coats of paint and allow to dry. Refer to manufacturer guidelines for details.

7. Once dry, apply a couple of coats of clear lacquer and allow to dry again.

8. When the lacquer is dry remove the logo from the mesh and check the finish.

9. Hold the mesh in place on the bumper and refit the number plate to hold it secure.

10. Drill a 2mm hole in the 4 corners of the bumper and a further 2 holes along the bottom.

11. Secure the mesh in place using the six small self -taping screws.

You may want to spray the screw heads the same colour as the bumper before you fit them.

Job done