How to convert Top Mount to Front Mount Intercooler




First of all you need a modified standard intercooler

Parts needed:

1.5 metres of 2.5 inch thick silicon hose
5 right angles 2.5 inch thick silicon hose
1 metre 2.5 inch thick exhaust steel tube (Steel tube is to use as

Loads of jubilee clips
Patience....... Loads of!

First take of all the front of the car (Headlights, Grill, Bumper, Bumper
bar) And mount the I.C. (Utilising original mounting holes) using a bracket
connected to the top of the I.C. in a triangle shape. Attach it to the
middle strut. Make brackets to fit the bottom and then attach to old power
steering cooler bracket holes.

Using 2 right angles attach to a 400mm length piece of pipe

Cut out a 130mm round hole and mount the water bottle at a right angle
against the black fuse box. Attach on to that 200mm long pipe then onto a 45
degree pipe then onto a right angl

Then onto the straight hose into the intercooler

After this you need to cut the power steering cooler down and re-mount

For the outlet you need to cut a hole just below the light socket and above
the air con device. Then out from the intercooler with a right angle
connected onto a 45 degree angle then onto the long pipe then attached onto
the original right angle pipe.

You should end up something like this.