How much wheel offset can I get away with?



I've got standard brakes on my GTi-R and I'm wondering how much wheel offset I could get away with.
I've found a set of wheels that I'd like to get for my wheels, but they're a 42 offset. This is an offset going the wrong way! I'd rather a set of offset 38, but I really like the rims. Don't really want to run spacers either. I think the stockies are 40. Anyone have any experience here??

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I ran a set of ET49 wheels off a Vauxhall before, front was fine but i had to use 8mm spacers on the rear to clear the strutt. They were 8" Wide though.

So in answer to your question, they should be fine as long as they arn't too wide.

People say incorrect offsets ruin handling but i have never found the handling to be effected at all having run ET49 and as low as ET15.

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A few mill either way should be OK. The main problem with way out offsets is the extra strain they can put on wheel bearings. You may find your needing to change them more often if you stray too far from standard.