help! can`t figure out how to get through bulkhead on drivers side!


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Can`t figure out how to get through bulkhead on drivers side

in a pickle people.
just fitting my innovate wideband kit and the wires aren`t long enough to go through the passenger side gromit and to the a pillar gauge.

is there any way of getting through to the drivers side without having to take off the front wing?

cheers ollie
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apologies people, found a gromit now near the inner wing after doing some more indepth searching!:doh:

now got to get all 3 thick wires through 1 small tiny hole!:shock:

why is it the easyesy thing turns out to be the hardest.
welded the bung in fine (looks like pigon sh*t though :-D),
now wiring the thign in is sending my bonkers!


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take off drivers side wheel, then take off the plastic inner arch protector and at the top left hand side you'll see a gromit/hole that goes into the upper drivers side foot well you'll easily get 3 wires through it...


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make sure the wires are insulated though as without protection the vibration of the car will eventually cut through the insulation on the wire and then short itself out on the body. I tend to make a hole in the grommet and push the wires through that.


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spot on, cheers mate.

got it all fitted and wired in now.
seems to be on lean almost all the time apart from wide open throttle where its about 12 then richens up to about 11.5 at redline.

this sound about right mixture wise?
running 1 bar atm with a walbro