Heated Front Windscreen



as the winters coming...im thinking of trying 2 fit a heated front screen to the car. does anyone know if its been done before...i converted my puma before to have a front screen so i know what needs to be done...any advice in weather anyone else has looked into the idea would be handy.as im really lazy and hate waiting around for ice etc 2 clear lol

also if anyone has an old front disc brake spare they dont want ...knackered one will do just need to get some measurements from them...

thanx chris

Fast Guy

Staff member
How did you do it on the Puma? I know some fords have an element in the screen don't they?
No, it hasn't been done before, we tend to use the blower thingy.
I'm looking for a new rear element, but they seem to be hard to come by.


I think the only way you can convert it is if you can get an N14 screen with the heater elements already embedded.

What you need to know is if a heated front screen was an option on the N14.