Gtir wanted maybe deal with my wrx

pulsar kid

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I want to return to a 5 again so putting my 1994 wrx import saloon up for sale but thought id see if anyone would be interested in a deal with me?
details of the wrx,
1994 import.
Silver saloon,
Semi forged close deck block,
print out off 284.2bhp at standard boost in December 2010
loads of new parts.
runs really nice and is quick!
Not a spec of rust on this car!

Can do full spec if requested
here's a few pics just for reference.
9months test 2months tax
Here is some recent pictures, It doesn't have those wheels on as of today i do have them but they was only on whilst i was having new tyres fitted to my other sti wheels yesterday and no insurance meant i couldnt get the car down so had to take the rims down!
can get pictures as it sits right now



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Missed us then Benji. Bob has got a really nice one for sale atm, don't think he'll want the scoob though.

pulsar kid

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The car is very clean and i love the sound of the flat four especially with its full true 3inch decatted system. but ive always loved Gtirs and fancy another plain and simple really, had 4 of the trouble makers lol. the only thing i will say is the scoob is alot cheaper on parts and deffo doesnt brake as much!