gtir headlamp and brake light problem


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Hi I'm looking for advise on a problem with my gtir lights. On my dimmed headlights both lights are working fine. When i put on my main beams then the passengers light fails. The connectors at the back of the light are OK as are the bulbs.

Also my brake lights fail to work maybe 3times out of 5. Would it be a related problem or as simple as a switch

All help much appreciated


Try checking obvious things first all connectors inc battery all earths could be an earth fault then start looking at switches. Or at least that's what I d do first


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What are your earths like. Bad earths cause lots of funny problems.
I'd look at this too; enough of a connection for the park lights, but not enough to take the current for the main beams?

Failed headlight wiring is a fairly common problem.


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where are the main earths to check under the bonnet?

as for the brake light problem i disconnected the block connector going into the brake light switch and bridged the two sides of the connector my brake lights came on. this would point to a bad switch id be thinking.?

thanks for the help so far