GTI-R wanted (white ideally) or black £8k budget


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wanted as above

very clean GTI-R

will travel to find the right one

looking for stock example if possible.

no FMIC or other items



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thats the sort of thing im after

please send me some pictures

matt . brown @

pictures please (if you have them) of

engine bay, rear arches, and inner wings

thank you


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All the photos you need are in my project thread i posted.. but if you want them in email form i still can do..
you can be rest assured the car is clinically spotless..


one of the cleanest and most desirable pulsars left im sure anyone will vouch for that whos seen it.
youl notl find a cleaner and such well looked after car anywhere


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Just seen your project thread

Car does look clean

Depends on price

Can you pm me to discuss

Assume you have standard interior ?

Not a fan of that & you can keep all the shiny engine bay stuff& strut brace etc