GTI-R rear brakepadhoses


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Because of failuring of the rear brake pressure adjuster on my N14 GTI ive bought some GTI-R rear brakepad hoses.
But does someone can give me a picture of how its mounted? Where does the steel brakehose end and how is it fitted on the chassis?

Now the steel hose goes in the adjuster and a soft brakehose is mounted woth a banjo bolt. In the new situation i have a soft hose with the normal svrewed mounting type.

Thanks for the help and im hoping ive clearly explaned what i need :)


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Does this help at all?

I'm pretty sure I've just cable-tied that to the mounting point on the strut.


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Yes, this helps. Now i have seen where the bracket belongs where the steel brakeline stops and the hose begins. Now im gonna have to think of a solution for me because there are no mountingbrackets on the chassis. Thanks!