Gt4 gearbox


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Hey niz1342 i am unable to find images of your work anywhere. i am thinking of doing the conversion myself, full gt4 st205 running gear has come up forsale.. what did you do with the starter? gtir flywheel and does it work being at the front of the engine? how did you make the adaptor plate to find exact centres? if you want to pm or pics


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Is there any reason you didn't use the Carlos sainz / RC gear box? As they tend to be the one to go for if you've got an ST185 GT-four, as i can see, most of the parts you've listed are from the ST185.

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If anyone wants a gearbox, transfer box, front hubs and drive shafts, the gear cables and lever for this give me a shout.


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It's been a very common modification with the Mazda 323 gtr and gtx for many years
Need an adapter plate making up for the Mazda