Gt4 gearbox


I've been reading up on gt4 gearbox, and seen fusion have converted one on to a R as they can handle upto 600bhp Standard.

Has as anyone done/tried to do this?

Is it worth it with the cost and can you get the parts easy to make it fit?


Going to pick your brains I apologise in advance! :)

How much did it cost if you don't mind asking? And what parts did you need ?


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But why don't you give us a little bit more info's?
Since this is an dedicated GtiR forum, your input on the modification which were carried out will be more than appreciated!

Don't get me wrong....but I really hate when people hide what they've done to their cars....and this is why believe that the R is that much underapreciated!

Therefore...can you please make a small write up on how you've done the transmission conversion?

Of course when you have the time!


nothing is hidden everything is on the sr20 with pictures. if i wanted to hide i wouldnt have stated the gt4 gearbox .if you a any specific question let me know,i will be happy to answer.


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Than, please make here a small descrpition of:
-What parts did you used, from the Toyota?
-Materials needed.
-Is there any wiring involved?

And also, if you can, please make us some better photos.

You must understand that if this gearbox is able to take 600 Bhp without any issues, than this is a big break through for the GtiR world. As an GT4 gearbox +transfer case costs approx 300 Gbp....ehere and Quaife second hand is in the 2000 pounds area.


And...sorry if I upset you!



toyota parts list
205 gearbox
185 transfer box
185 front driveshafts(these are 2 pieces bolted on )
185 gearbox mounts
185 gear lever cables
205 torsen rear diff
185 speedo driver because you cant use a 205 one
nissan primera speedo driver that srews on to the 185
15 mm block of alluminium (100/150/gbp)
205 prop shaft (front bit that slides into the transfer box ) i am still using the gtir prop shaft
price for the above 500/600/gbp
only wiring involved is a rear light switch .
and the speedo driver .
engine and box have to be stripped(bear block and gearbox)
to allign box to engine with a dialer gauge

3 shafts have to be custom made (2 rears &1 front )
as for pic this the best i can do as i have no ramp
and the time it took me to do it .( 6 months)


gaskell : you also have to mount the rear diff either with toyota orignal mount or your own custom mount , because the diff needs rubber mounts.Not like the gtir which is a solid mount .For the front transfer box you need to make custom brackets from engine to transfer box.