Good Pulsar Dash cleaner


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I have been trying to get the correct finish on my dash with verious type of dash cleaners... tryed both
auto glym and megs both are good but the finish did not look right on the pulsar's plasic dash. :?... so i
used this today.. And i think i cracked it.8)...The Finish is simply A1 its not high gloss or wet look finish.. just a nice clean org clean finish....
good price to ...

I also used it on my tyres and the result was dark....:lol:



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dannogti-r said:
yeah i use the poor boys natural look, it's pretty much the best dash cleaner i'v found
Have you tried it on your outside trim as im going to try it out next week on them... did you find it good...?


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never used it on the outside trim's, it should work well. somethin for me to try though! i'v always used it because it's not to shiney an its not greasy.