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Hi All.
Bit of a strange question. If the offside (drivers) drive shaft has been removed not by myself and then refitted by me, should i need to top up the transfer or gearbox box oil level. The reason i ask is because when i removed the filler plug on the side of the transfer box oil came out?? Usually you wear the oil if you remove a shaft without draining it. The car was slightly raised at the front but nothing major ??!! I did the same with the gearbox box filler expecting it to be empty and that was full too...

Just to clarify, if the shafts are removed is it the gearbox or the transfer box oil level i should be refilling. I'm a Renault 5 turbo man, this 4x4 stuff is all new....

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You have answered the question yourself as the fill plugs are the gearbox oil level, if you remove the fill plugs and oil comes out then they have the correct oil level.

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If youve opened both the filler plugs and oil came out then you should be ok.

Im sure the plugs are right on the same height as the shaft seals.

Its good practice to check both after a shaft has been out though.
I'm a Renault 5 turbo man, this 4x4 stuff is all new....[/QUOTE]

Off topic but was amazed today, I watched a Raider go for £5,900 today on fleabay!! Another car which seem to be fetching big numbers!!

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Nick K

Lucky my other car is this then 8)
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Rare as rocking horse.

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and I've just sold the 9 turbo
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That Renault 9 looks interesting! I had a rare diesel version way back, probably the most comfiest car I've ever owned :)