fuel lines


The metal fuel lines on my car are in perfect condition, except for the last 12 inches or so as they near the tank. They have corroded quite badly here and i'd like to replace them.

I had intended to simply cut them short to remove the corroded bit and replace with fuel hose (since the last few inches is bog standard fuel hose where it connects to the tank).

Is there a better way of doing this? If I were to replace the whole run from front to back, what should it be replaced with?


hmm, that's an idea, but i'd have to get the flaring kit for the larger bore pipe too - i've got it all for brake pipe already.


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yes with all the work you have done to car dont want to be cutting corners now i think your local motor factors will be able to help but i will look online again to see what eles i can find
BTW car looks amazing wise had had some were to do the same to my car