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Does anyone know what the minimum legal size is for the front number plate on a GTI-R. At the moment I have an eyesore across my bonnet and want to put as small a plate as I can in the corner.

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520mm x 111mm is the legal requirement for the standard rectangular shape plate i believe..
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Have a look here, page 3.

Basically, characters need to be 64mm high, 44mm wide, be 10mm stroke thickness and have 10mm spacing.

Interestingly doesnt say anything about the size of the plate, so effectively you could have a plate just 10mm border around your characters.

The above only applies to imports. And in any case, you might still get some jobsworth coppers who will pull you and tell you its illegal.

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my plate is tiny... my intercooler is too big.. its in the car on passenger side ... been like it for months... no seen many a policeman... parked up and drving... no word from anyone...

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i put my r through the mot last year and i forgot to put the new plate on the front, it passed? i have driven around for 12 months and havent been stopped yet, i have even been sat in traffic behind a traffic car, not a word?


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I lasted about a week with my tiny 150mm x 50mm plate. Was fine with normal driving etc, passed loads of patrol cars, and had it parked up in town a few times. Was only when I had to drop someone off at the airport and drive through 4 police checkpoints that the third one pulled me over and gave me a 'green' ticket. You would have thought they'd have more important things to worry about like bl00dy terrorist attacks ffs. :roll:


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There is no minimum or maximum 'legal' size of numberplate. It's the character height, width (whole character and width of font stroke), font and the spaces between the characters and edges of plate that need to meet a legal requirement.

I've actually been stopped for my previous plate and was made to change it, despite it meeting all DVLA requirements.

Bottom line is, as the front bumper of the GTiR, can accomadate a usual EU style long plate, that's what you need to fit legally.

Forget what plod at the side of the road tells you, as they generally know nothing about these specific areas. I actually spoke to the vehicle inspector unit and they were the ones who advised me what I had to have fitted legally.

However, if you drive the car sensibly, you're unlikely to get a tug. With that in mind, I'd put on the front of the car what you like. It's only about £10 to get a legal sized plate made up, if you ever need too ! ;-)


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This thread get passed about more than a cheap hooker!

I had a tiny number plate on the front of my car, but I kept getting pulled for it. So I just changed it back to the square one.