Front LSD?


Probably a stupid question, feel free to bash to link to the proper answer, but how can you tell if you have LSD front differential? I read somewhere if you spun the front (in the air) the opposite side would spin backwards. Other places I've read they have to spin together. I'd think with an open differential if I spun one the other wouldn't move. Mine move the opposite direction in the front and the same direction in the rear.

Sorry if it's a new guy question, been rwd only for too long.

The Doc

Staff member
Jack the front up, leave the rear on the floor with car in gear.

Open diff the wheels will turn very easily in opposite directions when you turn one wheel.

Clutch type lsd will be very stiff to rotate the wheels in opposite directions.

Automatic torque biase atb lsd (modena) wheels will turn in opposite directions but you will feel it working when driving as when turning it trys to straighten the steering under power.

Viscous lsd wheels will turn in opposite directions but will feel like they are turning through syrup it will be very fluid but stiff unlike a clutch type lsd which will grab and let go.


I'm led to believe my setup is open unfortunately. They rotate opposite directions although it does definitely try to straighten under power. I'm gonna change the clutch soon anyways, I'll probably just investigate then.

I just want LSD everywhere. Screw having tires I want grip.