found these coilovers



It's nice to se a variety of coilovers avaliable for the R, I guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating though, someone will have to buy some and see what they think, then we can benefit from their research :p.


I was going to try XYZ's 6-pot brake calipers and discs, but never got around to ordering them. I still might as they look quite good:

After contacting them they wanted approximately $790 USD for the full kit, so I might wait until the exchange rate improves a little first! :)



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Just to let you know if anyone cares.
I was doing some research into getting some coilovers, becuase at it has been said before there is not much other in suspension choice (new that is). The super street package in question has a spring rating of 8F-5R kg/mm. But the BC package at just 50pound more has spring ratings of 6F-4R kg/mm. So working on the theory that the softer the springs, the better the ride on the road the BC's would be a better choice. BC's are 699 pound. I have sent a request to find if they can fit softer springs on them to match the tiens 4F-3R kg/mm and awaiting reply. The cost of good shocks new are about 150 pound per corner, plus springs if you wanted a whole new setup. Makes the BC's not that bad in price for what you get in terms of adjustment.
Might just be worth paying a little more and getting new stuff, rather than having used parts and having to change then every other year. Must just come down to funds at the time and how long you intend the keep your R


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Just hurd back from who sell the BC's. They can supply a 5F-4R kg/mm from stock or do a custom set up of 5F-3R kg/mm for the same price but would take about 2 weeks to arrive. ie 2 weeks to get from china to yours. Not bad!!

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Yes, the BC's are good value. I have fitted them to a few cars with good results. I was offered UK dealership for the XYZ a couple of years ago, but turned it down due to quality/back up worries.

I do the BC if anyone wants a small discount on the retail price.