Forge intercooler fitting instructions


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Whre in Derbyshire are you?I have one fitted to mine you could look at.Its pretty straight forward really but you have to trim the inside of your bumper or cut out an opening and take the angle grinder to under the o/s headlight and bumper bar.Nothing major though.

I've always been pretty pleased with my Forge front mount but then its the only one I've had as I was 1st one to buy the kit after it was made up on Chris LLoyd's(I think) old car by Forge.I've nevr seen back to back tests on FMIC's to compare them really.


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ARC top mount, no need to butcher the front of your car, and less weight hanging over the front !

vss irvine

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i just think its a shite pipe run, roundabout length wise, loads of silicone and it looks gash,

no matter what you do with it, it looks untidy.

but thats just my opinion....