fly wheel balancing or new fly wheel


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hi people, i bought a lightweight flywheel a few years back only to find out it was meant for a 200sx, great i thought but not the end of the world.

the flywheel stud holes are too small and needed drilling out, i did it myself
i dont think i did a bad job but now im wondering have if ive put it out of balance
it was only a few mm as it was just the thread that would not got though the stud holes

what do people think will it need balancing or just fuck it off and buy one of these


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I think it will be OK, but what do I know?
I would assume that you've taken about the same amount from each hole, so it's still pretty balanced.

You could always get it checked and say you don't want it rebalanced unless it's quite out. - That makes more sense to me than buying a new one and having the old one just hanging around.


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id just hang it on the wall as a trophy if it is fucked its a nice SNG ally flywheel,
i dont know of any places that would do the balancing, any ideas

Cheers Jimmy

geoff pine

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It looks like if you buy this you may have the same problem as it says it fits sr20 engines which puts you back where you started . Is it a bit on the cheap-side for a pulsar part and it is on eBay ask the seller is it specifically for a pulsar .


balance it or buy new. if youre like me, if you dont balance it, fit it, youll start hearing 'noises' lol and its not like its easy to take off again then balance. do it right first time imho..

red reading

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the giken is already balanced and lighter than any flywheel and cover plate you will get of ebay, its £700 which includes a complete clutch and flywheel,a os billet bearing,and a complete spare set of friction and steel plates,and a uprated clutch fork.