engine vibratiob noise

hi all

since i have owned the car it had a slight vibration noise was told it was one on the shiney plates sitting on top of engine but its bin getting worse so had a quick look and it appears to be under rocker cover and only happens between 2 - 3.5 thousand revs then stops but sounds very bad when it does it.. does it need shimming or am i in for another surprise?



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Do you have a tmic? I have a bolt from the mount that rattles on my spark plug cover unless I put some tape over it. Otherwise get the rocker cover off and have a look it might be something obvious.


Yea a tmic not bolted down properly would do that.. I had that same problem an couldn't figure out what it was eventually I found that it wasn't tightened Down enough...
sorry havent got tmic thanks anyway i have heard the noise with my dad and its coming from rocker cover :/ im going to take if off in a bit
just took the rocker cover off every thing is fine and also found my vibration noise how the noise came to the top of my engine fails me but it was one off the bolts are missing on the turbo to down pipe and it was vibrating :)