Engine Rebuild - Feedback and Recommendations required ASAP!

Pete Watson

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I am now at the point where my Car needs an Engine Rebuild and the Electronics sorted etc. Before i shell out a load of cash i thought it might be a good idea to ask for some Good Recommendations. I am based in Bristol, somewhere in the South West would be nice but i don't mind traveling inorder to get a Good Job Done.

I am looking to get around 400bhp.

I have tried a few places for quotes, but want to get some feedback from you guys if possible, just to give me peace of mind.

Cheers Pete


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do tteh usual mate forged pistons 1.2 mm head gasket and shot peen and arp bolts for rods
get it alll balanced and then get head flowed should see 400 no problems at 1.4-16.bar depending on turbo etc
have a search theres been loads written about all teh little bits to change oil pump gears water pump etc

Pete Watson

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Thanks Guys!

I know the sort of work i want done, also know what bits i want changed. I'm going for the following:

Forge Pistons 87mm
Shot Peened Rods
Light Weight Flywheel
Blueprinted etc
Polish, Port and Flow Head
Port Matched
264 Cams
Adj Verniers
Metal H.Gkt
RPS Max Clutch or similar
700cc inj's
Power FC
Boost Control
New Oil Pump Gears
Timing Chain
New Shells

That's my idea anyway, hopefully it should give the right return. I have the following on the Car already:


Have done a few projects in the past with Opels but this is the first time i have looked at Jap Cars. I haven't got a clue who to use for the rebuild, so that was why i asked the question, i would have thought that quite a few of the members here have had rebuilds and i would guess some have been Very Good and Reliable, giving the sort of Power that was required, then you always get a few that are not happy for one reason and another.

Recommendations would really help!!

Cheers Pete


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I'm having a 400bhp rebuild done and should get my car back in 2 weeks time. ADR MOtortsport have done mine and from what i have seen so far am very pleased with their work. They even let me go in on the weekends to work on my car to try and reduce my bill :D

They have also built another 400bhp GTiR but the owner has still yet to run his car in :wink:

I would also add on a new water pump, ARP rod bolts, head studs, and change the 5 water hoses on the back of the block.

Cams are a must but i don't know if the HKS 264 are rated for 400bhp. I've had some custome ones made which are 11.5mm lift with rocker stoppers :wink:

Exhaust, i would get a 3" straight through made as well. Either a 3" dump pipe or split twin dump pipe is essential as well.

Also, get your rods balanced once they have been shot peened. I can get you cheap 87mm forged piston if you want :wink:

Apart from that the only thing that will make the difference is your turbo.

Just my thoughts anyway.....


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I have a rebuild by Nisstek and my son has a Hiteq rebuild both very silent on idle and very quick on boost, cannot fault the after service from Nisstek

Pete Watson

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turblio, how long ago did you have your rebuild, what sort of spec did you go for, what was the power returned.

Cheers Pete


Id go ADR Motorsport there working on £600,000 WRC cars you cant get any better. :wink:


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(quote mrgtir)

cams are a must but i don't know if the HKS 264 are rated for 400bhp. I've had some custome ones made which are 11.5mm lift with rocker stoppers :wink:

:roll: cams wont restrict your power they will just determine where the power is made. Other people have made over 400bhp with standard cams.


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standard cams are very good as a whole my uprated evo cams are seen as quite wild for evos but are only slighty more than teh standard gtir cams
264 with a high lift will make good gains on the gtir


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the jun and tomei are both very good i think hks gets used more as they are normally off the shelf items over here
all are good i think jun and tomei maybe slightly better from what people have researched on here

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Hi pete,

All the cams are very much the same for 264 profile. you can very the torque and BHP of the engine by the way you set the cams up.

The power and torque figure can also verie depending on the compresion ratio that the engine is built to,This also effects the responce of the throttle. But whether you go high comp or low comp the are pluses and minuses.

Did you get the last email on fridayor saturday night i cant remeber when i sent it. :D


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Pete you got any pictures of you car you could email over as i would like to see it.

cheers :D