Engine out, anything i should upgrade before refitting it


I have recently bought my first 'R', well a shell anyway :roll:

Before i look at fitting the engine, are there any areas that i should look at upgrading/Servicing?

I know an uprated clutch would be a good start and i have also read about uprating the clutch fork, In your experiance what other jobs should i look at doing before the engine goes in as i dont want to have to drop the engine out at a later date if i can avoid it.

Thanks in advance for any info, Yes i am using the search but there is only so much time i can spend at the pc at the moment.



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An Uprated clutch for is needed with a uprated pressure plate. i have welded a few in the Past but have also repaired a few that were badly welded by someone else. But if your having a stage 1 clutch then you should be ok really. It all depends on your Budget and Intended use. The Vacuum pipes behind the Plenum could be changed for a Silicone set, the V bracket Binned check the Condition of all hoses and clips and replace if needed. Also Cv boots as they like to rip. Also check the Gearbox bolt for Filling the Gear oil as they like to seize up. ITs something small but it does happen...


Thanks for the reply, Really should have said its going to be a road car with the occasional track day maybe, a toy really as i have another car for work.

C.V. boots are ripped so replacements will be ordered soon. Vacuum pipes are also something to consider then.


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as said also maybe a set of samco rear hoses or new ones for the back of the block as its always a bitch if they do go. A good clean in the engine bay before fitting the engine is also a good idea as it looks so much better than a dusty tired looking bay, and its 100x harder when its all in.

uprated cluch like a helix organic would be great, you can purchase uprated (strengthened) clutch forks from Pulsar bob or I do have one nocking about to hand.

Check all your ball joints and wishbones for play etc as you have plenty of time to spare,

also a good clean and underseal in the turrets and underside would be a good idea and easier without the enigine in the way for the front part.


Cheers for that shroom, plenty food for thought there, now need to draw up an action plan and get stuck in.
P.m. Me a price for the clutch fork mate as it's deffinately something that I will be doing..

vss irvine

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water pump £50 ish, det sensor £60 ish,

and check the condition of the brake master cylinder. if it looks like its been leaking then change it or rebuild it with a seal kit.

definately do these while the engine is out, as itll save you alot of hassle in the long run.

and as above, the hoses and hose clips at the rear of the engine.


What makes you want to remove it Jon?
I understood the brakes were crap as it was, can't comment at this stage, it's been
Years since I've driven one!!